About Us

Our Principles

Patients First

We believe healthcare should be data driven, and that this data should be available and accessible to everyone. We aim to create relevant, useful, and clear content for all.

Grounded in Data

Data drives our content. We select the most trustworthy academic sources, endorsed by professional societies, and seek to accurately convey the consensus interpretation of academic experts.

Reviewed by Experts

All content is written or reviewed by practitioners and experts in the field. After publication, we invite further discussion as an opportunity for peer review.

About the Founder

Charles Li MD

Dr. Li is a physician-software engineer who works to improve the delivery of healthcare through technology. He developed a genomics based assay for predicting chemotherapy response for his MD thesis, built a drug development platform that uses data science to predict drug efficacy, and is currently creating enterprise software to improve clinical trials. After graduating from Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Li has pursed training in genomics, informatics, and data science.