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Biking vs Driving vs Taking the Train to Work

Did you know that how you commute is linked to happiness? Studies across two countries have come to similar findings. Walking and biking to work makes people happier

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Antibiotic Resistance Research & Statistics

Antibiotic resistance has increased several fold as antibiotic approvals have declined by 2/3rds over the past 3 decades.

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10 Worst Cities for Car Pollution & Asthma

We rank 10 cities around the world with the most air pollution and asthma, along with the top countries and top American cities.

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Heart Disease

How Emotional Stess Affects Heart Disease

Emotional stress damages your heart and your health. New research shows significantly higher risks of heart attack and stroke after stressful life events.

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US Healthcare Spending as of 2019

United States economic growth has matched healthcare spending growth. Healthcare costs continue to grow, but the growth rate is declining.

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Data on Tanning Beds and Melanoma

Your risk of melanoma when using a tanning bed depends highly on how long you spend and which type of bed you use.

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Ketamine and Chronic Pain

Ketamine provides significant short term pain relief for chronic pain patients in a new clinical trial. However, it comes with some side effects.

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Herd Immunity Statistics: HPV

A prime example of herd immunity: Scotland's HPV Immunization program reduced cervical cancer in patients who received the vaccine and patients who did not.

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How Anxiety Hinders Learning

Anxiety can get in the way of learning in stressful situations. Neuroscience shows that the learning environment affects how anxious people learn.

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Chronic Pain in Women vs. Men

Chronic Pain is different for men and women. Research shows that this may be driven by biological differences and sex hormones.

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Peanut Allergies: Exposure Therapy

Exposing infants and toddlers to peanut protein can prevent them from developing allergies, even if their bodies have already begun reacting against peanut protein.

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Health Benefits of Forests

Forests correlate with better health and lower medical spending. Just a few trees outside a hospital room window improves surgical recovery.