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Statistics on Anxiety in America in 2018

By Charles Li MD

Many Americans are more anxious in 2018
Who were the most anxious?

Not all Americans are equal when it comes to anxiety.

Women across all ages had more anxiety this year than men. Women under 50 were the most likely to feel more anxious, with 57% reporting that they felt more anxious this year than last year compared to 38% of men under 50.

Meanwhile, most Americans over 50 did not report feeling more anxious at all.

young women felt the most anxiety.
What are Americans anxious about?

While some news outlets blamed politics and national events, the data shows that it’s really anxiety in our personal lives that is driving our collective fears.

Anxiety about Safety, health, and finances topped the list, with at least 67% of survey respondents reporting feeling at least somewhat anxious about each of those topics.

Most common causes of anxiety in Americans
The Silver Lining: Things to be Hopeful About

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom, here are 3 hopeful things we found from the survey:

1. Americans are taking mental health more seriously. 86% Americans recognize that mental illnesses are real illnesses that can affect the body as well as the mind. 50% believe that the stigma around mental illness has declined.

2. Americans have access to mental healthcare: 81% of respondents agreed that they had access to mental health care if they needed it.

3. Many Americans are seeking help when they need it: 28% have sought care from a mental health professional and 29% have had a family member seek help.

Practical advice: 3 Tips Backed by Science

1. Seek help when you need it: There are great medications and therapy options that can really help.

2. Meditation: Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness can help anxiety in some people without medication.

3. Exercise: It’s not just good for your body, it’s also great for your mind. Studies have found at exercising for at least 21 minutes can reduce anxiety.

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